Davenport Police warn homeowners of a scam involving phony water utility workers

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - The Davenport Police Department is issuing a warning to residents tonight after reports that three men have been faking to work as water utility company employees in order to get inside your home.

Police say the scam starts with one man making contact with the person at home and telling them that there are problems with the main water line in the residence. They will say they need to inspect the line from inside your home.

The scammer then walks the resident to the basement or to a portion of the home far away from the door.

While the homeowner is distracted, one or two more enter the home and burglarize the home.

Police say the men are Hispanic and drive a dark or gray color pickup truck.

The individuals are dressed in safety vest to make their appearance seem legitimate. They may even be carrying other credentials to further legitimize their role.

Davenport police posted onto to Facebook on February 13, saying "If you are approached by someone matching this description and requesting to gain entry to your home and you have not scheduled an appointment with a utility company, do not let them into your residence. "

Instead, Police suggest you call your water company provider to determine if a service call is necessary for your home.

If anyone has any information as to the identities of these individuals, please contact the Davenport Police Department. To report suspicious behavior, please call 9-1-1.

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