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You survived! More than half of winter’s snow fell in one week

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Time for a snow-check! Through February 4th (a week ago yesterday), we only received 11.8 inches of snow in the Quad Cities...for the entire season! Did things change or what? 14.7 inches of snow fell in the past eight days. And as far as consecutive days in a row with snow? That's quite a rare feat!

Adding up the snow for the season now shows 26.3 so far. That is above the Winter-norm of 25.5 inches. (If you include the snow that normally falls in late Fall, Winter, and early Spring, normal is 31.6 inches.)

So if we don't get any more snow from this point forward, we will end up with an above-normal winter season! A quick, active pattern is the reason I don't believe in giving out winter snowfall forecast every November, even though a lot of people crave them. Many Meteorologists and weather hobbyists try to pinpoint a seasonal snowfall ahead of time but quite honestly, the accuracy isn't there most of the time. Winter is fickle around here with the proof being only 2.2 inches of snow falling in the entire month of January and 15.5 inches in just the past eight days.

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen

An earlier version of this story showed 15.5 inches falling since February 4.

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