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Residents of Amboy looking to replace century-old school

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AMBOY, Illinois -- Amboy, a small town about an hour east of the Quad Cities, is a town known for its traditions.

This year, however, some are looking to bring one tradition to an end.

Amboy Junior High School has stood for nearly 100 years and educated thousands of students. It was previously the town's high school, then was later converted into a junior high.

The school board offered a proposal of a general obligation bond for 15 years. If this bond passes, then the town will have the funds to build a new $15.8 million expansion for the new Jr. High School.

Townspeople spoke anonymously with photo journalist Cameron Jacobs and voiced their concerns on the location and a possible increase in property taxes.

“The cost of maintaining the old school versus  a new school is really being weighed," said Principal Joyce Schamberger. "In order to do remodel the still standing school it would cost around $10 million. Whereas to build a new modern school is just over $15 million."

Other community members like Alison Fox say; "Nobody likes a property tax increase but when it comes to my children I can't say no."

According to School Superintendent Jeff Thake , the majority of residents who responded to a survey about the referendum appear to be in favor. However in a town of about 1,200 only 600 responded to that survey with the answer of definitely or maybe yes.

The vote takes place on March 22nd. You can find out more information about the proposition by clicking here.

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