Heavy snow forecast causing mass delays at Chicago airports

CHICAGO — Getting out of Illinois is going to be tough today.

With up to a foot of snow forecast for the Chicago metro area stretching into Friday night, hundreds of cancellations and delays have already been reported at both O’Hare and Midway airports, and more are expected. These delays and cancellations will ripple through the nation’s air transportation system, causing problems at airports across the country.

Flight cancellations

As of 9:00 a.m. Friday, 746 flights have been cancelled at O’Hare, while over 285 flights been cancelled at Midway.

Visit flychicago.com for the latest updates on cancellations, and call ahead to check on your own flight status.

Treacherous road conditions expected

The Illinois Department of Transportation predicts the potential for up to a foot of snow will cause “treacherous” conditions, and advises commuters to avoid driving if possible. Both Friday morning and evening commutes will be affected. The IDOT offered these tips for staying safe on the roads:

  • Consider taking public transportation or postponing your trip
  • If you must drive, take it especially slow at intersections, ramps and bridges, which are prone to black ice
  • Plan ahead with a full tank of gas, a cell phone, warm clothes, food, blankets, and an ice scraper in your car