Family of man killed in East Moline shooting says they are not mad at shooter; that’s what Jon would have wanted

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GALESBURG, Illinois-- Jon Keener was a family man, even at a young age.

"He had 7 sisters. He was the only boy," says niece Amanda Gameon.

He's remembered as a humble man, a man of God and so much more.

"He made me want to be a better person," says Gameon.

But now Jon is gone, and his family is torn.

"A lot of them are taking it harder than others. Then some of us haven't been able to grieve like we want to grieve because we are still in shock," says Gameon.

Gameon couldn't believe what she was seeing on the news. A man was shot and killed in East Moline. That man was her Uncle Jon.

Keener's family says they don't know why Jon was in East Moline that day. They say he could have been there for work, or to preach his faith.

Police caught the man who they think did it, and that comforts Amanda. But she still is trying to make sense of it.

"What was the motive? What made someone take a life? And him? It's all the "why"s that we don't know. He was loved by many," says Gameon.

Even though Jon is gone, Amanda isn't mad at anyone because that's what Uncle Jon would have wanted.

"I would think he would want people to celebrate his life. All of this bad in this world, I don't think he would want anyone to be mad," says Gameon.

Now she's living a life Jon would be proud of, spreading his love when he's gone.

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