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Bettendorf couple shares the joys and trials of parenting triplets

Image courtesy of the Mohr family

BETTENDORF, Iowa — Bettendorf couple Kristin and John Mohr welcomed triplets into the world in late January 2018.

The couple, already parents to a two-year-old daughter, Kylie, were preparing for much of 2017 to welcome their new fleet of children.  In announcing the birth, they made a hilarious YouTube video giving comedic insight on what it’s like to ready your home and mind for three new babies… all at once.

Leading up to the birth, Kristin explained the roller coaster of emotions she was feeling.

“It’s crazy the emotions you go through,” she said. “It started out very scary and it still is, but you get excited about it pretty fast. I now can’t imagine my life going forward without these triplets.”

As for big-sister Kylie, she was feeling “completely excited to be the “boss” around her little brothers,” Kristin said.

Kristin has been blogging their journey step-by-step.

The babies were due on February 25th, but they were delivered via C-section on January 22nd.  Despite the early arrival of Myles, Jack and Colton, Kristin explained in the blog that after the birth, “Everybody was doing great!”

During the days that followed, Jack, followed by Colton, and finally Myles all wound up in the NICU for help with issues like feeding and maintaining body temperature and oxygen levels.

Throughout their time in the hospital the family found ways of spending quality time together.  Kylie came for visits and John even had his first Super Bowl Sunday with “the boys.”

Two weeks after they were born, they were all home, the blog explains.

“I sure hope sharing my journey could help someone else because I’ve received a lot of encouragement and comfort from other moms and have appreciated it so much,” said Kristin.

Click here to read Kristin’s blog and follow along the family’s journey with triplets.

“I love living in a community like this,” she said, “and it just reaffirms that the Quad Cities is a great place to raise a family.”