The Moline/East Moline Crisis Containment Unit safely handles stand off in East Moline

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EAST MOLINE, Illinois - An armored vehicle and officers in tactical gear surround the home on Kennedy Drive in East Moline for 4.5 hours.

"We surrounded the house, called in the CCU unit in Moline and East Moline and Rock Island County team was here as well," said Chief John Reynolds, East Moline Police Department.

The Crisis Containment Unit, a team of 20 officers are trained to handle high-risk situations like the one in East Moline on Tuesday, February 6, 2018.

"You have a lot of contingency plans, these things can go any which way in a second," said Detective Michael Griffin, Moline Police Department.

It's a coordinated effort, the East Moline Police Department had secured the scene and held back students at a local school. That let the tactical team do its work.

"We're able to focus on the house and not a lady across the street or kids playing across the street," said Griffin.

Technology was also on the unit's side, for the first time the CCU team used a drone to enter the home.

"We had opened a window on the side of the house and we were able to, the drone was able to fly five to ten feet outside the house, at an elevated level and we were able to see inside the house real time in what they were doing," said Griffin.

"I think the cops handled it really well, I'm glad that nobody else got hurt I just can't believe it happened," said June Williams, neighbor.

The CCU officers train every month, practicing with the new technology that keeps them at a safe distance in unpredictable circumstances.

"Fifteen, twenty years ago, those were officers going there doing that and now we're able to do it and we're able to do it to where there's no threat to the offenders," said Griffin.

In the end all five would come out with their hands up, officers went home safe and a well prepared team made the difference.

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