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East Moline city leaders look into stricter nuisance property codes in response to fatal shooting and standoff

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EAST MOLINE-- Flashing lights and cop cars are familiar sights for neighbors in East Moline off of Kennedy Drive.

"It just became normal enough that when we heard the shouting today we just went on with what we're doing. Shortly after we heard the fighting going on, we heard sirens. It because obvious it wasn't just a regular cop call which happens all the time next door," says neighbor June Williams.

On Tuesday police and SWAT teams surrounded this home on Kennedy Drive after police say 52-year-old Jon Keener was shot in the head in the road nearby.  He went to the hospital and died there. The other man ran into the home.

Hours later, police took five people in for questioning. Police now have charged 29-year-old Willie Minor of Davenport with First Degree Murder for killing Keener. He's in the Rock Island County Jail on a $5M bond.

Willie Minor, 29, of Davenport was arrested in East Moline and is suspected for shooting and killing Jon Keener

It was a violent crime in Alderwoman Alissa Sallow's East Moline ward.

"Obviously it's in our community, and it's a scary event," says Sallow.

Police say they are all too familiar with this particular home that was surrounded. And there are city codes in place, a nuisance abatement ordinance. The code (6-11-2) says if police are called three times in 60 days to the same property, the court can shut the property down.

"It takes resources from the community just for that specific property. If there needs to be more stringent policies for landlords or problem nuisance houses that we need to look at and bring to the council, I'm on board with that.

They are trying to find solutions for the root of the problem to keep people safe.

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