Field Museum dinosaur Sue getting a new home

CHICAGO -- She has been the unofficial greeter at the Chicago Field Museum for nearly 20 years, but according to this report by WGN, Sue the T-rex is getting a new home.

Museum officials say Sue, which has been at the museum since 2000, will be moved on Monday as part of an overhaul to the main hall. The specimen will be updated and moved upstairs to a private suite opening in 2019.

A 122-foot-long titanosaur, a Patagotitan mayorum from Argentina, is expected to arrive in June. It'll take up a third of the main hall with its head peeking over a 28-foot, second-floor balcony.

While many fans are posting bittersweet memories of seeing the T-rex for the first time on social media, the dinosaur's Twitter persona is keeping things positive.

"Don't be sad. Think about 2019 and the rad as heck "SUEcave" I'm getting," the account tweeted on Sunday.