Studio 8 features Jenny Lynn Stacy and the Dirty Roosters

Photo courtesy of Jenny Lynn Stacy

Who we are: Jenny Lynn Stacy and the Dirty Roosters

What our music is:  Blue-Trash

What sets our music apart from the rest: “Everything? Nothing? All I know is folks seem to like us, pretty unanimously, wherever we go. We’ve never honed in on one genre, or dove into one deep sound, but rather have culminated all of our experiences in music to make the sound we have.

I’ve noticed my painfully (socially) awkward demeanor (that carries onto the stage) gets mentioned often as a memorable trait that keeps them coming back. I’ve also heard through the grapevine that my Roosters are one of the quirkiest groups in the QC. Now, I can’t say whether or not it’s true – but I can’t disagree that they are weird as all get out. 

I’ve been told that my songwriting sets us apart, touching subjects from my personal life such as domestic violence, sexual assault, living with mental illness, living with autoimmune disorders, gender identity issues … but setting them against an uptempo. That said, we do have plenty of songs about good old fashioned heartbreak and love, too. 

You know, I’m probably in the wrong business for saying what I’m about to say next, but I can’t think of a metric ton of anything we do that sets us apart from other fantastic bands in the Quad Cities. I mean – maybe few things, but don’t we all? When it comes down to it, us [QC musicians] within this creative community work hard, and play hard. We’re all striving for the same goal here, and it’s difficult for me to put us above or set us apart from so many we respect and appreciate as both supporters, and peers.”

The band has been selected as finalists to compete at the Redstone Room to win a chance at playing Summer Camp this year.   Click here to learn about the event.

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Molly Conrad

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