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Congressman John Delaney brings 2020 presidential bid to Tipton, Iowa

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TIPTON, Iowa -

For one Maryland Democrat, the 2020 presidential race is starting right now in Tipton, Iowa.

At a time when politics is a sour subject for many, Rep. John Delaney, (D) Maryland, hopes to sweeten this audience. He's visiting D'Alicia's Cupcakery, offering coffee, conversation and a campaign.

"All  these big issues we have in our country right now are actually solvable if we bring the people together," he said, on Friday, February 2.

Speaking to about 15 guests, Delaney is working on a presidential bid that focuses on narrowing deep political divisions.

"The kind of hyper-partisan politics where people put party ahead of country," he continued.  "The American people are tired of that."

This morning audience of mostly seniors is absorbing his message.  With the Iowa Caucuses nearly two years away, it's a preview of things to come.

"It's not too early because it's time to get talking," said Cedar County voter Gary Doermann. "That's the most important thing."

"You see all these candidates where people in other states never do," added voter Joann Chizek. "I was very impressed."

Delaney takes on big money and gerrymandered districts that are drawn to favor a political party.  He's starting with a local approach.

"What's nice about Iowa is the national media doesn't determine who Iowa picks," Delaney said.  "Iowans make their choices based on actually trying to figure out what's inside the person."

Delaney is also launching a million-dollar ad campaign in Iowa.  The spots will begin airing on Super Bowl Sunday.