College symphony pulls hilarious prank on director

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LYNCHBURG, Virginia — Members of a college symphony pulled off a carefully orchestrated prank in a hilarious attempt to confuse their director.

It was Monday, January 29th when the unsuspecting Wind Symphony director, Dr. Stephen Kerr, instructed the students to play Bach Chorale.

According to the mastermind behind the prank, fifth-year composition student Drew Harris, Bach Chorale is what the class plays at the start of each period to ensure their instruments are in tune and that they are all playing in unison.

Knowing this was the norm, Drew and another student came up with a plan a week beforehand to pull a surprise song swap. Drew created an arrangement out of the Mii Channel Theme, originally composed by Kazumi Totaka, and distributed it to his classmates to play instead.

So when Dr. Kerr was expecting Bach Chorale, the whole class was ready with the newly prepared composition of the Mii Channel Theme.

Immediately, baffled, the director walked down to the floor and started looking at the students’ music.

The confusion was great for a laugh, and Drew, who was playing trumpet in the video, said his director “loved it.”

If you listen closely, you can even hear Dr. Kerr say “You’re all number one in my book!”

“The students were all extremely happy with the outcome and glad we pulled it off!” said Drew.

In fact the director even congratulated the jokester on a job well done.

The video was recorded by the Assistant Band Director Alyssa Hurley.

The Wind Symphony is made up of students at different points in their college careers, from freshmen to one student who’s working on a Master’s degree. More than half of the band are music majors.

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