Trump’s State of the Union Address mentions growing economy, local students working to boost it

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DAVENPORT - While millions are tuning in at home to watch President Donald Trump's first State of the Union Address, others are learning in the classroom.

"I actually was doing medical first, I was doing radiology and I got into a hospital and realized it wasn't for me, so now I just started doing IT, I've just been a computer guy my whole life," said Tuominen.

President Trump talked about job creation and a growing economy in his State of the Union Address and students like Ben are working to get a degree to add to it.

"It will keep growing, I think just as long as people realize we need to get out into the work field and people want to progress and better themselves I think it will just keep getting better," said Tuominen.

In Iowa, the unemployment rate is at 3% and in Scott County it's 3.5%, the low unemployment rate is a good sign for this student who sees the need for jobs in technology.

"There's a lot of positions, like I was saying, especially in tech and medicine and stuff like that, that really need to be filled and there's a lot of vacancies for it," said Tuominen.

For Ben, his dream job would be to work for a large company but he knows it takes a lot of hours in the classroom.

"It is time consuming, you are doing classes all day long, I have classes every day of the week besides Friday, I have 3 kids too at home," said Tuominen.

To be able to make an impact on the growing economy.

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