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How rare is the “Super Blue Blood Moon,” and will we be able to see it?

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Are you ready for the celestial event of the year? Wednesday morning will be a "Super Blue Blood Moon," which is named for three different events happening at the same time. A "super moon" is when there is a larger moon in the sky, due to a closer orbit to Earth. A "blue moon" is when there are two different full moons in the same calendar month. A "blood moon" is the unofficial term to a total lunar eclipse. All three are happening early Wednesday morning in an event that only happens every 265 years or so.

You will want to look just up from the western horizon when the partial eclipse begins at 5:48am. The moon will be barely above the horizon when the total eclipse begins. That's when the moon will have a bright red hue. The moon will go over the western horizon right when the sun rises on the eastern horizon.

Unfortunately, we will have a pretty decent chance for cloud cover. Our models do indicate the clouds as thin, but it's not a sure-bet we'll have a good view of it here.

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen