Davenport’s Creative Arts Academy takes news beyond the headlines


As sixth graders file into the Kahl Building on Tuesday, January 30, they go straight to work.

They're setting the ninth floor studio for their own student newscast.  It's quite a process for the Creative Arts Academy.

It's turning out to be an eye-opening experience for Olivia Reinbold, 12.

"You think that you can just read a script, and it would be done quickly," she said.  "But it's not."

Teacher Clint Balsar guides his young crew from start to finish.  More than television production, these are lessons in project management.

"They understand the news industry a little more," he said. "They start to pay attention to the news industry a little more.  It's pretty exciting to have sixth graders come into the classroom and talk about the news."

On this tape day, it does a good job of mirroring the real thing.  Lights, cameras, even a Teleprompter capture the moments on a virtual set.

Olivia takes turns with other students, on and off camera.

"I realize it's not just fun and games," she continued.  "It's hard work and a lot of teamwork."

That teamwork helps to build skills and future careers in the arts.

"Some people just use it to make little videos. but others can change the world," she said.  "You never know, so I want to be able to do that."

She'll be able to change the world with good writing and creativity.

Check out the finished product at: http://www.davenportschools.org/caa/ Click on the "Art Blog" to watch.