Brother of Illinois girl found dead in a ditch demands justice

SPRING VALLEY, Illinois--Diquan Bradley knows life will never be the same.

"Now it's going to be different. I don't have her running to me giving me a hug," says Diquan.

He knows his best friend and little sister Diamond Bradley is gone.

"She would never do this," says Diquan.

Police say 16-year-old Diamond was reported missing last Wednesday on her mom's birthday.

Then on Saturday, police say Diamond's body was found on County highway 850N in Granville Township in Putnam County.

An autopsy report from the Putnam County death investigator shows the 16-year-old died from multiple injuries. But police still don't know who did it.

Diamond's family and friends and people in her community she never even met won't be silent.

They want justice for Diamond.

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"I hope they find who did it, and I hope it never happens again," says Spring Valley resident Juliana Soberalski.

Businesses are chipping in, offering a cash reward for anyone with information that leads to an arrest and conviction.

"I wish the message here today is find out where she's at and bring her home safe. But now that we can't do that, her mom and brother shouldn't have to wonder who did this," says business owner Jason Judd.

Right now the reward is up to $5,000 from Grandma Rosie's in Spring Valley, Illinois.

Police say they believe this is an isolated incident, so the public is not in danger.

"I just hope they find out who did it, and she will be able to rest in peace," says Diquan.