Blue Grass woman says she locked her car and it was still stolen

BLUE GRASS-- Sylvia Wheeler and her daughter Amanda still do not know who stole their 1993 Chevy Silverado, but they do know the car was locked.

"You can tell they busted out the driver side window,” says daughter Amanda Dahms.

Blue Grass Police, Sargent Garrett Jahns says this is the first stolen car in Blue Grass this year.  However, after last year's car theft trend in Scott County, authorities in Blue Grass are keeping a close watch.

The car was stolen on January 25, and is still missing.

Sylvia, a polio survivor owns other cars, but her daughter says the white truck made it easier to get around.

"The first thing I thought of was, "Who would take a car with a handicap sticker in it?", I mean that just kind of makes me sick," said Amanda.

Anyone with information on the theft should contact their local police department.