Augustana holds forum on sexual assault policy following reported sexual assault

ROCK ISLAND - Augustana College held a forum for students to learn more about the campus's sexual assault policy on January 29, 2018.

Campus leaders say this comes after students had a lot of questions following a report of a sexual assault.

Students got an email two weeks ago about the reported assault.

The sexual assault reported is currently being investigated by the Rock Island Police Department.

The campus' Title IX Coordinator, Wendy Hilton-Morrow, handles all reports.

Hilton-Morrow says every complaint is investigated whether it happened on or off campus.

The campus also works with a local social service agency to get students in contact with a sexual assault counselor.

"I applaud young women and men who are stepping up and saying we want to make sure we understand what our policies are and making sure our schools abiding by them," said Hilton-Morrow.

According to the Augustana's crime statistics report, 6 sex offenses occurred in 2016.