Moline Fire Department offers free smoke alarms and installation

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MOLINE - The Moline Fire Department will provide and install free smoke alarms for residents.

And with a rash of fires this month in the area, more people are taking advantage of the offer.

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"What you get with this program is you get free smoke detectors, free installation, and safety," said Jerry Spiegel, with the Moline Fire Department.

Spiegel installed four new smoke alarms for Sam Williams on Friday, giving peace of mind to the new grandmother of a three-month old baby boy.

"I want to make sure he's safe. I think it's really neat the city is doing that. We've had so many fires around here, it's crazy," said Williams.

The free program launched this week and is paid for through state grant money.

"A lot of people are under-protected. There's been a few homes, they have no detectors at all with children in the home," Spiegel said.

The program is available to all Moline residents. Visit the Moline Fire Department for details.

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