Pay it Forward: Passion for piano lessons

A Davenport woman is turning her decades of music experience into a way to help children through the power of music.

Elaine Farris’ love for piano started at just 7 years old. Now, she’s still going strong and uses her talent to create a positive music experience for children.

“It makes you feel purposeful and that god is using you to do something meaningful in this world,” said Farris.

Her passion for music has gotten her through some difficult moments in life. Elaine is a breast cancer survivor.

“Through all of the struggles her and her husband are still giving back. They are still asking what can we do for you and how can we help you,” said Rachel Quinn, who nominated Elaine for the Pay it Forward award.

Rachel and Elaine have known each other for three years. Rachel says Elaine strives to change children’s lives through music and help them find their passion for piano.

Elaine also teaches Rachel’s daughter, Jailyn, piano lessons.

Even through some difficult bumps in life, Rachel says Elaine always puts others first.

She often goes out of her way to drive students to and from piano lessons if their parents are working. Elaine also puts on a yearly recital for the parents and children.

“Everyone’s family comes and grandparents come and we clear out the furniture and all the children come and play the piano and that’s our recital for spring,” said Elaine.

That’s why Rachel nominated her for a Pay it Forward.

“Elaine has brought a sense of family and community back to our family. I’ve seen the other families she helps and I feel she’s put a sense of community back into this neighborhood,” added Rachel.

Elaine and her husband john have two children together. Both grew up playing the piano and french horn and also received music scholarships.

If you know of someone doing great things in the community and want to pay it forward to them, click here for the nomination form.