Why Clinton Police have ramped up patrols around Walmart and Hobby Lobby

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CLINTON, Iowa -- Officers are ramping up patrols where there have been recent incidents of people being approached by "suspicious subjects," according the the Clinton Police Department.

The police department said recent social media posts have been describing these incidents near Walmart and Hobby Lobby - located on 25th Street and Jewel - located on 2nd Street.  More officers will be on patrol in that area, per the chief's orders.

In a Facebook post, the department went into detail about the incidents.  These were the incidents reported:

  • On January 9th police responded to Walmart where a man had been reportedly asking females for a ride to Home Depot.  The man told the officer that he had been asking both males and females for a ride.  The officer ended up driving him to Home Depot where he then got into a semi-truck and drove away.
  • On January 22nd, a female reported to police that she had been in her vehicle with her kids at Walmart when a male approached them.  She was busy with a phone call and didn't notice until her child pointed the person out, who was walking away at this point.
    "The driver believes the male subject was scared off because he saw her in the vehicle or heard her child calling to her," said the department's post. When the person went into the store she told Walmart security about the incident.
  • On January 23rd police were called to the Jewel parking lot where a male was possibly harassing a female.  Security video showed that the two may have been in an argument; there was no physical altercation.  The female got in a car and drove away, while the male went into the store and made a purchase.  Neither of them requested police interference.
  • Another report was about a visit to Hobby Lobby, where a citizen said she saw four males inside the business wearing dark clothes and continued to see them throughout the store.  Becoming fearful, she requested store employees walk her out to her vehicle.

If you've been involved in one of these incidents or if you've seen any, you are asked to call the Clinton Police Department at 563-243-1458.

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