Grandview Fire Department raising money for crucial equipment

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GRANDVIEW, Iowa-- Driving through small town USA, you can expect to see a few things. You'll most likely find buildings with a certain Midwestern charm, a post office, and if you look hard enough, a fire station that's always there for the community.

"That's what it's supposed to be all about is helping everybody out," says Grandview Fire Chief Dan Keltner

But right now the tables are turned. The one's who help you need you to help them.

"We're hoping they can help us a little this time and get the stuff we need so we can continue to help them because that's what we love to do," says Keltner.

Grandview Fire needs help raising $32,000 to replace these devices that are, right now, held together with a dollar store fix.

"This is a SCBA, a self contained breathing apparatus. It's clean air so when we put our masks on we're getting good air," says Keltner.

These tools help firefighters breathe, and they're also equipped with a fire fighter tracking device in case of emergencies.

"If a firefighter goes down, this will start making noise. This is vital, vital stuff for us. We can't do the job without it," says Keltner.

They are tools they need to keep us safe.

"If we don't have the stuff, then when we get there, what can we do? If someone's life is in danger, I can't willingly walk in with stuff that doesn't work to save a life," says Keltner.

They are tools this team of twelve literally can't live without.

"I'd hate to see someone go in, one of them malfunction because it wasn't replaced, and someone get hurt," says Keltner.

They are tools they can't get without the help of the community.

"I go to bed at night thinking about how we're going to come up with this, short of an anxiety attack. It's important," says Keltner.

Coming up this Saturday, January 27, the department is holding a taco fundraising dinner at the station. They will start serving at 4 p.m. and go til 8 p.m. Admission is $5, and kids 10 and under eat free. The station is located at 206 North Jefferson Street, Grandview, Iowa.

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