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Temporary safety measures at busy school intersection to be put in place after child is hit by car

MOLINE, Illinois -- City leaders agreed on a temporary safety measure to help students cross the street near John Deere Middle School Tuesday, January 23.

The decision comes days after a child was hit and pinned underneath a car while crossing at the 12th Street and 21st Avenue.

The victim's father tells News 8, the child is recovering from several broken bones and a punctured lung.

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Dozens of concerned parents confronted city coucil leaders during Tuesday night's meeting.

“We need something visual we need somebody to protect our children I strongly believe there needs to be a crossing guard there just because of the lack of the line of sight in this area,” says parent Windy Tomes.

"I have watched the kids cross this street and it's the squealing tires, breaks, cars are flying through here at 35 mph when kids are trying to go to school," said parent Angela Tapia.

Mayor Stephanie Acri says althought the coucil can not promise a crossing guard to be put in place tomorrow morning, the goal is to have someone assisting kids on that intersection by next week, even if that means having a police officer help out.

The council also agreed to implement more safety measures for 11th Street and 19th Avenue. Parents say that intersection is also dangerous.

City leaders  plan to discuss a more permanent safety measures in their next meeting.