Dozens of Arsenal workers show up and leave, due to government shutdown

ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL- The Deputy Garrison Commander of the Rock Island Arsenal says about a third of his workforce showed up to work Monday, January 22, but they were home because of the shutdown.

Joel Himsl says the shutdown affects about 75 of his workers in the Garrison Command alone. Himsl called the shutdown orderly, and workers prepared for this Friday, January 19.

Garrison Public Affairs Officers Eric Cramer says the Rock Island Arsenal Museum, Mississippi River Visitor Center, Rock Island Arsenal Health Clinic, and the Army Community Service are all closed Monday.

The following offices are all open though:

  • RIA Emergency services and gate operations
  • RIA Visitor Control Center
  • Child Development Center
  • Child and Youth Services
  • RIA Commissary
  • RIA Exchange
  • Rock Island National Cemetery
  • Memorial Park and Field
  • Leisure Travel and Outdoor Recreation
  • Fitness Center
  • Auto Craft Center
  • Arsenal Island Golf Club Clubhouse
  • Lock and Dam Lounge
  • Common Access/I.D. Card branch

Investment Advisor Mark Grywacheski talked about the shutdown Monday morning on Good Morning Quad Cities. He said agencies like national parks and museums are shut down Monday, but he says the bulk of the federal agencies are simply scaling back their non-essential employees.

Grywacheski says there could be a delay or a cutback in the federal services we expect on any other day.

"For the employees who will not be going to work today, their health benefits will continue, but they will not be getting paid," he said Monday morning.

800,000 federal employees have been placed on furlough, which means they did not report to work Monday. Everyone who stayed home was paid later in earlier government shutdowns. The vote to end the government shutdown was set for 11 a.m. CT Monday.

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