Klondike Derby teaches Boy Scouts importance of preparedness, teamwork

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ANDALUSIA -- More than 100 Boy Scouts were in Andalusia for their Annual "Klondike Derby" on Jan. 20.

The annual event teaches scouts how to treat Hypothermia, to build campfires, and how to rescue someone who is stuck in a frozen lake.

Organizer's of the event say that the goal is to create fun ways to teach the young men about very important life skills.

"The whole day is geared toward those activities and its meant to be a fun activity, but also a secondary benefit and a major aim, is to make sure that the boys learn how to, as they say in scouting, be prepared." said Tom Erwin, Klondike Derby organizer.

Boy Scouts also participated in fun activities like log-sawing and practiced finding north without a compass.



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