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Moline woman says her adrenaline kicked in when she helped lift car off girl who was hit by vehicle

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MOLINE - "You lose it all everybody put everything you got into lifting this car up for this little girl," said Trish Lang, lift car off girl.

Trish Lang will never forget what she saw Friday morning when she was dropping her son off at school.

"I heard the bang and that was her head hitting the windshield and then about half way across the street she slid off of the hood and down under his car," said Lang.

Like so many kids do every day, the young girl was trying to cross the street down the road from John Deere Middle School.

"I got out and ran over there, mom's screaming, dad's just like how do you get to her, we both go down there and look, her face was very swollen looking and she was not making any noises," said Lang.

Trish knew she needed to take action, she called for others to get out of their cars and help, she knew they needed to lift the car.

"We keep trying and all of a sudden it just felt like more people and the car just rose up and we slid her out," said Lang.

She heard the young girl moan and felt a sigh of relief, she was alive.

Trish says it was adrenaline that took over in the moment.

"Save her, that's really it, how do you save her, what do we have to do, doing anything you can, it's your human instinct of survival," said Lang.

As a mother herself, that instinct was even stronger, "I thought she wasn't gonna make it, I'm so happy she's doing better," said Lang.

The girls' family says she has broken bones and a punctured lung, "It's over, she is safe it just doesn't feel over and I'm sure it doesn't for the parents," said Lang.

Moline parents say they plan to be at Tuesday night's city council meeting.

There have been a petition started to get stop lights at that intersection and crossing guards working during drop off and pick up time.

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