Penguin pays unexpected visit to boat in Antarctica – and it’s not the only one

NEWCOMB BAY, Antarctica — Surprise! A penguin popped in for a quick visit as Australian researchers were out on boats off the coast of Antarctica.

Matt McKay was shooting video when that penguin jumped out of the water and onto the boat.

McKay is part of a team of Australian Antarctic Program researchers working at Casey Research Station.

“They were out in small boats in Newcomb Bay collecting water samples for a research project. Over the course of the day (Tuesday, January 16th) they had eight curious penguins drop in to check out their work!” a spokesperson for the Australian Antarctic Program told KDVR.

The video has been posted on the program’s Facebook page, and appears that it’s being used as a recruitment tool.

“You, too, could have such an amazing experience – we’re recruiting expeditioners right now!” said the Facebook post.  Click here for details on “expeditioner” job opportunities.