Where Kewanee’s sophomore basketball team draws their inspiration from

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Gage Williams, the heart beat of the Kewanee Boilermakers, has inspired his team with a shot of a lifetime. The young man that has cheered on his teammates, was finally the one getting cheered for.

It was far from your normal ending to the Kewanee's boys sophomore game, but even before the buzzer sounded. The early January game was a win for the Boilermakers. Even before the clock struck zero, Williams became the biggest hero in town. With less than 30 seconds left in the boys sophomore game, Coach Tyler Russell called on Williams, and he made the most of his opportunity by making a basket against Sterling Newman that made the crowed go wild, and showed true sportsmanship.

Williams, hopes to play basketball in college.

"I love the coaches, and I love basketball players, and I'm going to college to ICC, hopefully playing college basketball. If my players need me, I'm here for them," Williams said.

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