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City of Moline reveals vision for I-74 corridor

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MOLINE - As work is being done on the new I-74 bridge the city of Moline has been working on a vision for the space where the old bridge now sits.

"I think it looks like a good deal they got going on here, I'm really anxious to get this new bridge that we desperately needed forever," said Peggy Redmann, resident.

The area spreads 9 blocks it  includes a signature park along the riverfront, new mixed-use office and retail space, as well as residential areas.

Residents were able to give their input on what they want to see.

"We need grocery stores and we need drug stores and YMCA's and anything that could be athletic for anybody that's moving into the area," said Darla Evans, Moline resident.

The old Spiegel Moving and Towing building with stay, the city owns it and plans to turn it into mixed-use space.

The rest of the area will be new development that will make a big impact on the city.

"We have an opportunity for new property taxes, sales tax , water users, you know obviously food and beverage taxes and just a great opportunity for job creation," said Ray Forsythe, Planning and Development Director.

For residents seeing the plans for the first time they're anxious for what's to come.

"Seeing all of that construction right now off of 74 that is an eye sore, it helps me tolerate it better knowing what it's going to be," said Christie Coverdill, Moline resident.

City leaders will take the input from the open house to finalize a plan, it will then go to city council for review.

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