Scott County EMS confirms black ice caused ambulance rollover on Interstate 80

Scott County Emergency Medical Services say speed did not play a part in an ambulance rollover Monday, January 15, after the emergency vehicle flipped upsidedown and crashed into a ditch late Sunday afternoon.

"We were able to look at the data and see that speed was not a factor in this case it was just a case of iowa winter weather and a piece of black ice," says  fleet manager, Jeremy Pessman.

The department is currently installing Zoll Road Safety devices in all of their emergency vehicles.

"It ensures that we are driving the ambulance safely that the driver is not going too fast and the or going around the corners too sharp," says Pessman.

The new safety device was inside the ambulance when it crashed on Interstate 80 near West Branch, Iowa, which allowed EMS to find out what caused the accident.

Two crew members and patient were treated for minor injuries.