Not all CBD oils seized in Muscatine were tested in labs for marijuana

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MUSCATINE, Iowa-- Muscatine County Attorney Alan Ostergren says all CBD products seized from Muscatine businesses over the past few months were not, in fact, all tested in labs for traces of marijuana.

Over the past few months, Muscatine police searched shops seizing all cannabinoid oil, or CBD, they found. Some business owners said officers told them they were taking it to test it to see if it contained traces of marijuana.

"The law says if it's detectable, then it's in there. And that makes it illegal," said Ostergren two weeks ago. "We did submit the products we had seized during our investigation to the state crime lab. So that's what I have to go on with that lab analysis."

Ostergren sent News 8 a copy of a lab report that dates back to the beginning of October. It clearly shows three CBD products from one shop were tested by the state. Traces of marijuana were found in all three.

But it turns out only one store's products were ever tested at all. CBD products, even ones with different brands from other stores, never made it to a lab like Ostergren originally said.

In an email Ostergren confirmed there was, in fact, one test. And that he did not "see the need to send additional items to the lab since there was not going to be any prosecutions."

With new facts uncovered, residents want more answers.

"I don't think that's a good overall way to do it. It should be across the board. If you say you're going to test it, then test all of it," says Muscatine resident Ann Hetzler.

News 8 reached out to Ostergren asking if the other CBD products, thousands of dollars worth, will ever be tested. We are still waiting on a response.

CBD lab report Oct. 9

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