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NAILED IT OR FAILED IT: Four Ingredients, Two Science Experiments

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It's going to be very cold this weekend, which means a lot of your time will probably be spent indoors. With that in mind, I found two fun, easy, and (basically) free science experiments for you to WOW your kids as we all begin the Season of Cabin Fever!

All you need are four ingredients - oil, water, food coloring, Alka-Seltzer - and a lot of glasses. The first experiment doesn't really have a name, but it's really colorful and gets more interesting the longer you go. Click here for the instructions and watch the video above to see how we did!

In the second experiment, you get to create your own lava lamp in your favorite color. This is so cool and only takes a little bit of effort, so anyone of any age can participate. Click here for the instructions and click the video below to see our personal lava lamps!

COCKTAIL OF THE WEEK: It's a new mini-segment that takes place during Nailed It Or Failed It! You already know that we enjoy a cocktail at the end of our shift on the last day of the work week, but now - we're making it official with a fancy animation and some surprises along the way! Click the video below to see this week's special drink by Eric, called the Bomb Cyclone.

Here's what you'll need:

  • 1 shot of Coconut Rum
  • 6 ounces of Quad City Cream Soda
  • one scoop of Whitey's Chocolate Ice Cream

Put one shot of rum in three glasses or frosty mugs. Then add six ounces of cream soda in each one. While that might be a great cocktail over ice, here's how we're going to ice this one down: chocolate ice cream! Just one scoop into each mug is all you need. Serve with a long teaspoon and a drinking straw and you've got an adult beverage that's good in any season.  -Eric

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