Video of legislative meeting goes viral after argument


A Pennsylvania lawmaker is in the spotlight after a harsh homophobic thrashing as seen in the video. Republican Daryl Metcalfe was the chairman of a meeting involving land use and legislation. During this meeting on December 6th 2017 Democrat Mathew Bradford, was speaking and reached out and touched Metcalfe’s arm.

This led into a tangent thrown by Metcalfe to Bradford, calling him homosexual and Metcalfe stating; “I have a wife and kids,” ending with he doesn’t like men “as you might.”

During this tangent, Bradford and other lawmakers sitting around the table are seen and heard laughing. A female representative can be seen hiding her face. She is seen turning her head in the video.

After the tangent Bradford begins to explain that he was merely touching his arm to stop Metcalfe from speaking so he could finish.

Bradford stating;“ I was just begging for your permission for about 30 seconds.” Metcalfe responding; “Then beg don’t touch.”

Metcalfe has been a career opponent of same sex marriage and in 2015 called the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage “judicial tyranny.”

A CBS reporter reached out to Metcalfe to get his take on the outburst asking if he felt he had crossed a line.

Metcalfe; “The homosexual crowd thinks that they can you know, flaunt their sexuality routinely throughout the course of the day.”

In the video Metcalfe says that Bradford keeps touching him. This action is never seen but the once in the video.