You’ve been playing UNO wrong your whole life

UNO, image from Uno Rules website

Players of the classic card game UNO are entering into the new year learning that they’ve been playing wrong their whole lives.

On Tuesday, January 2nd a woman took to Facebook with two pictures and an explanation.  The first picture was the Draw 4 Wild Card, the second was the rule sheet.

As she points out in her viral Facebook post, the rules state that the Draw 4 Wild Card can only be played “when you do NOT have another card in your hand that matches the COLOR on the DISCARD pile…”  It even goes on to say that you can call somebody out if you suspect they’ve played illegally.  That player would then have to show you their hand.  According to the rules, there’s even a punishment in the form of extra cards if you challenge unnecessarily.

Now think… how many times have true UNO champions lost their crown because of this overlooked rule?  Although, the way we’ve all been playing is a lot more simple.

The Facebook post that uncovered this has been shared more than 119,000 times as of January 10th.