Davenport business restores century old stained glass art

DAVENPORT-- Like a page in a novel, one by one every piece has its own story at Davenport's Glass Heritage workshop.

"This is already 115 to 120 years old, and here I am helping restore it," says worker Gail Elder.

Sometimes the stories take some imagination.

"You're left guessing at the end of the day what the story of each window was," says studio manager Alex Plantenberg.

But other times you know exactly what this stained glass has been through.

This job, in particular, comes from Wesley United Methodist Church in Muscatine, Iowa. Last March the church was hit by a tornado.

"Sadly enough the organ was destroyed, but their stained glass held up really well," says Plantenberg.

This crew fixes minor damages to the glass. But they had been working on restoring the church's stained glass for more than two years prior to the storm, the storm that made for quite the plot twist in this project.

"After all they've been through, especially with the tornado, I think it means a lot to continue restoring and maintaining the church," says Plantenberg.

It's a twist that makes way for a sequel.

"You get to breathe new life back into something that is this amazing piece of art so now it lives on another 100 years.

One by one, this team insures this story gets told for centuries to come.

Glass Heritage expects the glass to be restored and installed in the Muscatine Church by the middle of next month. That marks about three years since the project began.