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Davenport West students’ new app is groundbreaking

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DAVENPORT, Iowa – A team of Davenport West students is launching a new app that could change the way students, parents, and staff get information about the school.

"We just wanted to make sure what we had on these was actually going to help and be of purpose to West," explained West senior Austin Richards.

The students are now unveiling their new West app, designed from scratch by the seven seniors in what West calls its Inspire Capstone class.

"These guys actually built it and they did it and they followed through with it," said West computer science teacher John Brosius.

Not a simple task.

The students surveyed more than a hundred people to find out how to simplify the school's web site offerings into an app that can be used by students, parents, and staff.

"Our goal right now is to just get it known around school," said Richards.

Easier said than done.

The students say the coding they needed to create this app wasn't the hardest part.  The challenge was to make it convenient, useful, and groundbreaking.

"We want to get to the point where eventually, I mean, students will be signing passes from their app. I mean that will be in the years to come but that's just one of the thing on our backlog, that's one of the things that we really want to do," explained Richards.

But one of the biggest successes of the class was the team work involved in solving problems, finding solutions, and creating something out of nothing.

"I prepare them for what it might be like for them when they're in a job in Computer Science or just a regular business environment," Brosius said.

It took nine weeks to create this Davenport West app.

It's a first step.  The students hope it'll be used for countless applications for future West High School students.

That includes making it available on Apple iphones instead of just Androids.  But it might not be them taking the app to the next step.

"I've got to leave something for the next year!" said Brosius.

The Davenport West app is now available in the Google play store.

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