How to get the most out of your ice-melting salt, if it’s still on the shelves

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MOLINE, Illinois -- The freezing rain and drizzle that soaked the already-frozen region from Sunday, Jan. 7 into Monday morning has resulted in a run on road and sidewalk salt.

Butch Trevor of Trevor True Value Hardware in Moline said he still has it in stock, but it's going fast.

"The last two days, with all the freezing rain, it's been miserable out," Trevor said. "Salt is really selling well. My issue is keeping it in stock right now."

Picking what type of salt to use can be confusing for consumers.

Basic salt is the least expensive, but only melts ice at temperatures down to 20 degrees or so. Basic salt also tends to do the most damage to concrete, Trevor said. Blends tend to cost more, but also melt in conditions down to as low as -30 degrees and are less destructive.

Another option are the pet-friendly blends, which don't take as much of a toll on our furry friend's paws.

"It tends to be a little more expensive, but if you're trying to protect your pets from being harmed, it's a good idea," he added.

A couple more pro-tips from Trevor: Always try to get salt down before precipitation starts to make it more effective, and remember that a little goes a long way.

"Most people make the mistake of putting way too much salt out," he said.

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