Quad City experts say peak flu season is still weeks away

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DAVENPORT, Iowa -- Flu season has arrived in full force in the Quad Cities, but experts warn the worst is yet to come.

Lisa Caffery, infection prevention coordinator at Genesis, says flu season doesn't typically peak until mid to late January, or sometimes even February.

"It's probably only going to get worse from here, and you know, flu season can last well into April or May even, so we still have a long road ahead of us," said Caffery.

Genesis has seen an uptick in cases of Influenza A, because this year's flu vaccine is not a very good match for the strain. However, Caffery still recommends getting a flu shot and says it's the best protection available.

"There are two to three, sometimes four strains of flu, circulating. So, it's only not really effective for one strain, but other other strains it seems to be very effective for, so it's definitely worth getting," said Caffery.

Aside from getting a flu shot, Caffery recommends washing your hands frequently and keeping them away from your face.

"If you work in an office and you share a phone or your computer, your keyboards or your laptops, wipe those off throughout the day so that you're not sharing everybody else's germs," said Caffery.

If it's any comfort, Caffery says this flu season has really been no worse than most -- at least so far.

Right now, Genesis is not restricting visitors, but officials are asking people to stay home if they feel ill.

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