Davenport’s vision for economic development on two different sites

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DAVENPORT - Two years ago the city set a goal to start making plans for the empty lots in two locations, on North Elmore and on the west side off of I-280 and Locust, now Davenport has a vision of what these two areas could become.

The city plans to make the area it calls, "Elmore Corners" a mix used space.

They would like to see an entertainment district with retail and hotel, a mixed use neighborhood with more senior housing and an Urban Greenway that would connect the trails.

At the West Davenport Industrial Park planners are designing where different industries could go that includes office and technology companies and manufacturers.

"Both of those are gonna take time but we're setting up if someone wants to come to our community and say I like that idea I know it's gonna take a while and I want to be part of that and I want to be apart of the future of that this is what were attempting to do here on both of those areas," said Davenport Mayor Frank Klipsch.

The city next plans to hold a neighborhood meeting to unvel its plans for the "Elmore Corners" area in Northeast Davenport, the designs would then go to the Planning and Zoning Commission and finally city council.

The next steps for the I-280 Industrial Park are to plan out and get funding for sewer extension and develop a partnership with the land owners.

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