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A Davenport package theft caught on camera with a twist you have to see

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DAVENPORT-- Watch as the car drives by, makes a U turn, and it parks in front of Nick Rasso's house. A man gets out, casually walks up to the steps, grabs a package, gets in his car and takes off.

Another theft caught on video surveillance camera.

But this crime marks the second time something was taken from Nick this month.

"A couple weeks ago, I got my truck stolen at night at two in the morning," says Nick.

Police found the truck soon after and caught the thieves who took it.

But it was this second theft, the package taken from his porch, that hits the hardest. The stolen package was Nick's Christmas present from his wife, a surveillance system to protect his home after his truck was stolen.

"That's the only thing, I just want this surveillance system. Eight cameras, the recording device. That's just all I wanted to have that sense of security at home," says Nick.

The safety system that caught the theft on tape was Nick's neighbor's two houses down. And he wanted one of his own.

"And that's the tough thing. Your sense of security is taken away. It's not even the price of the product. Everything's replaceable, but I have two kids, and I just hate that feeling. I don't want my kids to be scared," says Nick.

This dad has learned a lesson he says he already knew but didn't take seriously.

"Probably won't have a package delivered to my house ever again unless it's a phony package," says Nick.

And if anything this dad hopes you'll take it seriously too.

"When it happens to you, it's that horrible gut feeling, and it just hits home," says Nick.

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