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Illinois DNR investigating the shooting of two Whiteside County dogs

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FENTON, Illinois --Jeremy and Cerissa Chenoweth are grieving the loss of their two dogs, Duke and Max.

The Whiteside County couple said the dogs were found on the evening of Friday, December 22nd, shot to death and dumped in a ditch three miles from their home.

"We suspect it was a deer hunter, because they were shot with a large caliber gun. Both of them were shot in the center of their chests, and the boxer was finished off with what looked like two pistol rounds to the head," said Jeremy.

Duke, a brown 2-year-old Boxer, and Max, a 3-year-old brown and white American Bulldog and Boxer mix, had been missing for about two weeks.

The dogs escaped their kennel shortly after their owners left for work.

"I got home, the kennel door was wide open,” said Jeremy.

Officers with the Illinois Department of Natural resources are investigating. They say the person responsible could face criminal charges.

The family is also offering a $5,000 dollar reward to anyone who can help solve the case.

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