Veterans Affairs dismisses doctor under fire for malpractice suits, botched surgery

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DAVENPORT, Iowa -- The Veterans Affairs doctor a Davenport nurse blames for the death of her father following an apparently botched brain surgery has been fired, VA officials confirmed in letters sent to members of the Iowa Congressional delegation on Thursday, Dec. 21.

The letter, sent to Sens. Joni Ernst and Charles Grassley from Dr. David Shulkin of the VA states that Doctor John Henry Schneider "is no longer a VA employee" and that the agency has "issued a new policy to ensure full compliance with the law and a national review to verify that this policy is being implemented correctly."

The family of veteran Rick Hopkins of Donahue was outraged to learn that Schneider - who performed multiple brain surgeries on Hopkins - had at least a dozen malpractice lawsuits, and was barred from practicing in Wyoming after his medical license was revoked in 2014 after a patient died.

This prompted complaints to Ernst and Grassley, who demanded answers from the VA as to why Schneider was still practicing medicine at the VA hospital in Iowa City.

In a release, the senators said while they are pleased that actions have been taken, they still are seeking more answers on why Schneider was employed there in the first place.

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