Moline woman loses everything in apartment fire

MOLINE, Illinois-- Fire erupted in a Moline woman's apartment while she was taking a nap.

"I I woke up to flames in my face," said resident Victoria Caldwell.

On Wednesday evening Moline fire crews were called out to Timber Ridge Apartments on 18th avenue.

Caldwell lives on the first floor of the building. She claims the fire started in her bedroom and spread into her one year-old son's room then into the living room.

Fortunately her son was staying at a relatives house at the time.

"My first reaction was to get up and get out as fast as I could," said Caldwell.

As soon as Caldwell saw the flames she escaped her apartment with minor burns on her fingers.

Before evacuating the building she tried warning residents about the fire.

"I was knocking down on everyone's door. I just tried to get everybody out as fast as I could," said Caldwell.

Shortly after fire crews and police arrived on scene to evacuate the building.

Caldwell was one of 70 residents displaced because of the fire.

Local Red Cross volunteers opened up a temporary shelter at Bethel Wesley United Methodist Church until residents figured out their living arrangements.

"They were very kind people and very helpful," said Caldwell.

Caldwell says the fire left her and her son Koi with nothing just days before Christmas, but she's grateful to have escaped with her life.