Here’s What Part of River Drive in Moline May Look Like by 2019

River Drive in Moline is about to look a lot different.

As WQAD News 8 first reported in November 2017, IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union is building a brand new headquarters next to Western Illinois University's Quad Cities Campus.

Construction is expected to start in March 2018 and last one year.

This is an inspiration of what that area will hopefully look like once it's done:

Ray Forsythe, Director of Moline's Planning and Development Department, says it's a $26 million project that will add 80 more employees to IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union over the next 10-15 years.

"It’s a signature building for them," he said on Good Morning Quad Cities on December 14th. "They’ve hired a national architect to design the building."

Forsythe said plans for that area on River Drive changed and this is why:

"We tried really hard to do a mixed-use building, but the market just wasn't there and IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union came forward," he explained. "They were looking for a new headquarters. They were looking all over the Quad Cities. They`re a Moline company, have always been in Moline, and we wanted to keep them here."

As for the old building on Avenue of the Cities, Forsythe says there's a plan in the works at that spot as well:

"An investment group has bought the building," he explained. "IH is actually leasing their space back now while they’re building a new headquarters and then new tenants will move into that space once they move out."

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