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Day 3 of Holly Jolly Week on GMQC: Timeline of Our Gingerbread House Competition

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There’s a reason why we do what we do and leave the baking/crafting/building to the professionals.

On Wednesday, December 20th, Eric, Angie, and Jon worked throughout GMQC to build the best gingerbread house. Guess how many of us have actually built one before:

By 5am, we stopped eating candy and got to work. We quickly found out it's harder than it looks to put up walls:

30 minutes later and it's not going very well. We are using whatever we can to keep our walls up, but we got some great advice from one of our favorites:

By 5:45am, our hands are sticky, our fingers hurt, and Angie is pretty sure she has frosting in her hair:

It's 6am and we have less than an hour to get something together. Eric makes a big announcement and Jon is still trying to make walls:

The drama really begins at 6:15am when Angie's house collapses, Jon becomes the Big Bad Wolf, and our friendship with Eric quickly turns from sweet to sour:

There is a clear winner by 6:45am as Jon tries to keep up and Angie resorts to transforming her house into something else:

Finally, it's time to reveal our final builds. Jon has a roof, Eric takes a huge risk, and Angie never wants to see graham crackers again:

Happy Holly Jolly Week! Here's what's coming up TOMORROW.

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