Bettendorf Schools could consolidate Mark Twain and Jefferson Elementary Schools

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BETTENDORF - A line of cars, kids rushing out of school, the day is over at both Mark Twain and Thomas Jefferson elementary schools in Bettendorf.

However, someday the two separate schools could become one.

"There's already maybe 22 in her class right now and if they've got like three classes, yeah I think it'd be a shock," said Dana Williams, parent at Thomas Jefferson.

"If it's beneficial for the children, it's a good thing," said Monica Powell, parent at Mark Twain.

Bettendorf schools are working on a plan that includes consolidating Mark Twain and Thomas Jefferson into a new 3-section building.

"I'm okay with them consolidating, I was at Jefferson, I was a Jefferson student and it's a teeny tiny school, I think it would be more beneficial to combine," Shayla Mattly, parent at Mark Twain

"You're gonna lose the small class sizes, Thomas Jefferson has one class per grade and I think you kind of lose that aspect if you combine all the schools," said Jamie Frahm, parent at Thomas Jefferson.

Currently, Thomas Jefferson is the smaller school with about 150 students, it has one section of each grade.

Mark Twain is twice as big with two classrooms for each grade.

The district is also looking to move Edison Academy from the Thomas Edison Education Center to a lease facility for five years.

Bettendorf school administrators say details will be released to the public on January, 8th, 2018 at a meeting at 6 p.m. in the Bettendorf High School Performing Arts Center.

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