Galesburg Ameren volunteers help to stock FISH Food Pantry

GALESBURG, Illinois -

Utility workers are teaming up to power the fight against hunger in Galesburg, Illinois.

Volunteers from Ameren Illinois are donating food and funds to help stock the FISH Food Pantry in Galesburg, Illinois.

"This is awesome," said Diane Copeland, who directs the food pantry, on Monday, December 18.  "I am elated.  I love to see the pantry like this.  I love to see the pantry bulging."

While this pantry serves up to 16,000 people each year, it operates totally with donations and volunteer support. That makes Ameren's contribution even more important.

"It is our employees who made this possible," said Stacey Jones, Ameren Illinois.

Some 75 Galesburg employees collected 1,700 cans of food.  Ameren also pitched in $4,200 to buy more food.

"I know the mission behind FISH Food Pantry,  and the wonderful volunteers they have here," Jones continued.  "Quite honestly, there's a huge need in our area."

Box after box, this special delivery will fill bare shelves and feed families.

"It looks like we have a lot of food here, but you'll be amazed how fast this goes out the door," Copeland said.

A donation that's shining brightly this holiday season.

"We wish we lived in a world where we didn't need a food pantry, but we don't," said Galesburg Mayor John Pritchard.

FISH Food Pantry serves up to 30 families each week.  It's located at 688 Hawthorne Court in Galesburg and open 10-3, Monday through Friday.

"It is overwhelming," Copeland concluded.  "This means everything to us."