Pay it Forward: Crocheting woman makes sure all kids are warm for winter

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DAVENPORT, Iowa -- A woman is making sure no child goes without a warm blanket after seeing a need for them at Buchanan Elementary School.  Each year she crochets blankets for students.

Ginger Herbst and Sandy Laughlin have 30 years of friendship to look back on.

"Sandy is my littlest friend with the biggest heart in the whole world," said Ginger.

For the past four years, Sandy has been crocheting colorful blankets to give to children at Buchanan Elementary during the winter.  She's made more than 50 so far.

Ginger nominated Sandy for a "Pay it Forward" because of her dedication to making sure that no child goes without.

"Ginger, thank you for nominating Sandy, someone who saw a need in our area schools and did something about it by making blankets," said Alvaro Macias with Ascentra Credit Union.  "It's a great example of listening, caring and doing what's right that we believe in at Ascentra Credit Union. For that reason I'd like to present you with $300 so you may pay it forward to her. Congratulations."

Ginger presented the cash to Sandy, with a few kind words.

"I'm so proud to tell what a wonderful person you are, donating to Buchanan School all these years.  Now go spend it on more yarn," said Ginger.

Not only did Sandy get her $300 surprise, but she also got to meet the kids who benefit from her hard work and determination of crocheting blankets each year.

The kids give the blankets a stamp of approval, and one student noted that it's nice to know someone out there appreciates kids.

Before crocheting blankets for kids at Buchanan, Sandy made homemade hats to give to Kings Harvest and also feed the needy in our community.

If you know of someone doing great things in the community, consider nominating them for the Pay It Forward Program by clicking here.

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