Wind farm Phase 3 well underway in Henry County

WOODHULL, Illinois-- Smack dab in the middle of this Henry County field, you'll find these massive modern marvels going up piece by piece.

They're part of Phase 3 of the Bishop Hill wind energy project.

It started with 133 turbines near Galva, Illinois, then 50 in Bishop Hill, and now the final 53 are going up in Woodhull.

Each is as high as a 50 story building, and each blade is longer than four school busses.

"All 53 of them are in the AlWood school district," says AlWood Superintendent Shannon Bumann.

"It really is like winning the lottery," says Bumann.

Woodhull will collect property taxes from the company that owns the wind monsters.

"It's the equivalent of putting up 53 million dollar homes in your backyard within a year," says Bumann.

That translates to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for the school district.

"What this will do is make us financially stable for quite a few years," says Bumann.

The money will go towards infrastructure, school programming and to offer students more choices in classes.

"It's a win-win all the way around," says site construction manager Marlin Conry.

Conry expects all 53 turbines in Phase 3, the final stage, to be complete by the end of February depending on weather.