Protesters gather at Scott County Courthouse to support woman facing deportation

DAVENPORT, Iowa-- Protesters gathered at Scott County Courthouse and Jail to support an undocumented woman who was almost deported.

Davenport Police arrested 31 year-old Maria Hernandez Calderon for shoplifting on Wednesday, December 13th.

According to police reports, Calderon took merchandise valued at less than $100.

She was taken to Scott County Jail where she was then turned over to immigration enforcement, or ICE.

Scott County Sheriff Tim Lane says they have an agreement policy with ICE to turn in any undocumented immigrants.

According to a Facebook post by Father Guillermo Trevino Jr., of Calderon's church, her bond was set at $300 but her family was not allowed to pay the bond because ICE had been notified.

Calderon was taken to a facility in Cedar Rapids and eventually released on Thursday, where she was met by family, faith leaders, and local activists.

Calderon has been living in the Quad Cities for more than 15 years and is married to a U.S. Citizen. They have six children together.

Faith leaders say they don't want local law enforcement to hold people for federal immigration agents and hopes to raise awareness on the policies.

Several local activist groups were also in attendance LULAC, One Human Family QCA, and members of the St. Mary's Parish.